Packaging for Car Decals

The main purpose of packaging for car decals is to protect the product.

Car decals are made from vinyl, which is a delicate material. Take note the stickers Sydney will not last long if they are damaged during transportation.

Although the stickers are water resistant, they can be damaged by moisture during transportation and storage. Therefore, the packaging must ensure that the product remains dry.

Customers prefer car decals that are easy to apply on their vehicles. Hence, the packaging must provide instructions on how to fix the sticker on their cars. Customers should also be able to remove the sticker without damaging paintwork on their cars.

Packaging for car decals should also include all relevant information about the product. For example, customers will want to know what materials were used in making the sticker and whether they are environmentally friendly or not.

Stickers and decals have been used for decades as a marketing tool. They are an inexpensive and effective way to get your message out there. Inexpensive is the key word here, because in many cases the amount spent on the packaging is often more than the amount spent on the actual sticker.

Packaging for car decals can be as simple as putting it in a poly bag, or as fancy as a custom printed cardboard box. How much you spend on packaging is up to you, but we would like to offer some suggestions to help you make that decision.

Poly Bag – This is always a good way to go if you are selling them at a retail location. It gives them something to look at in the store, and it also protects them from dust and fingerprints while they are on display. Poly bags can be screen printed with your logo and information, or left blank so that you can print your own with labels or stickers.

Cardboard Header Card – These are perfect for larger retail chains because the store can hang them from a peg board display rack by punching through the cardboard header that sticks out. They can also be screen printed with your logo and info, which makes them look very professional.

When it comes to shipping car decals, there’s a few things to keep in mind. Shipping a car decal is not like shipping a shirt. Decals are made of vinyl, and they’re not very thick.

When packing your decals and sending them out to your customers, you need to make sure that they don’t get bent or folded during shipping. If the decal gets folded or creased, it will ruin the design and make it look awful when installed on the customer’s car.

Decals are typically shipped in a rigid mailer envelope, but if you’re shipping them in bulk and want to save money on shipping costs, you can ship them in a plastic envelope that’s more flexible. But you’ll need to include cardboard inside the envelope so the decals don’t get creased or bent during shipping.

Car decals are an increasingly popular way to personalize your car. They can also be a wonderful way to promote a business, school or organization. However, the packaging for car decals isn’t always optimal for the product.

The ideal packaging for car decals is something that protects the decal from damage during shipping and allows it to be displayed in-store if desired. All of that functionality can be found in our clear poly bags with adhesive closure. These bags ensure that your product will arrive at its destination in perfect condition while still providing visibility so shoppers can see the quality of your product. More info about the quality of the car stickers you want to use.

Our bags come in a variety of sizes, ensuring you find just what you need for your car decal packaging solution. We offer bags as small as 2 x 4 inches and as large as 12 x 18 inches, so you’ll have more than enough space for even very large decals. Our smaller sizes are perfect for making stickers, while our larger sizes are great for bumper stickers and other very large decals.