5 Tasks For A Digital Marketer Apart From Marketing

Whether you are a Digital Marketer for your own or directly involved with a product, or a professional specialist in it working for a range of clientele, it is essential from your end to grow the product or brand in itself. It is the simplest strategy in the book, a better product or experience is the best marketing trick. Concept boards can be used for creating brand designs, product designs, website designs, and pretty much any other type of design project.

Marketers usually resort to only the marketing strategy and work requirements. Marketers are supposedly the most versatile and innovative people in the industries, which is a skill not bound to any specific field. With digital technology and everything else coming together to create better things, digital marketers need to embed their skills with them to actually create better products and experiences. Here are 5 tasks that digital marketers need to perform to get the best results in marketing.

Read psychology and apply

Good marketers have a natural understanding for general human behaviour, and to enhance the knowledge and make better strategy and decisions is just scratching the surface of its potential. Not just it helps market products better, it also helps to make products better, and also to get the optimum results out of your teammates. Strategising marketing without the backing knowledge of psychology is throwing stones in the dark. Every successful marketing strategies have used the right trick from psychology, and vice versa.

Basic understanding of programming and coding

Programming and coding are the backing technologies that the digital marketers are using to get their work done. While a full-fledged knowledge may not be required, but a basic understanding of it may help in analysis and problem solving to create better experience and conversion ratio. It might even help understand other platforms and tools being used and strategise accordingly. Knowing the back-end technology only provides edge and efficiency in every field.

Understand and analyse designs and any other art form that needs to be used

Designs and every art form have some basic fundamentals, especially when used commercially, to make them attractive. In photography, graphic and UI/UEx designing, several psychological rules are used that marketers can use to analyse and strategise designs. Same goes for writing. A creative ad agency in Delhi views this part as very important since artists often delve too much into the arts (which should not be controlled by any means) giving out non-commercial outputs often, but as marketers, always remember, arts sell the costliest too. Strategize accordingly.

Analytics and Optimisation

This point actually applies to non-marketing parts like website design and functionality analysis, strategizing data extraction on websites and app or other networks and so on. Mathematics is an important part of any field that requires optimisations and strategy. Theories like Game Theory, says a Seo Agency In Chandigarh, help understand and create better processes even with basic knowledge of the logic behind it because of the fact it is mathematics based. This also applies to using above points together with this in making products and experiences better.


Possibly the most important thing to do in practice. While everyone believes in “the more the better” strategy, putting necessary limits to everything is the way to go. This applies to filtering website traffic, website and app experience, audience and consumers and their activity, and so much more, you name it. Basically, this the most important part of optimisations which is overlooked throughout the industry.

Creating better experiences attached to a brand is all marketing is about. If done right, this ambivalent field can give limitless results. Keep experimenting and innovating to reach all the new heights. Get in touch with our storyboard artist if you have any questions.