Privacy Policy – No1 Home Security Systems

We respect the privacy of all our clients and the following is an outline of how and why collect information for No1 Home Security Systems. We maintain and update our privacy policy regularly, so that at all times we maintain a fully transparent relationship with our clientele and the information that is stored for business purposes.

By visiting our website, we collect anonymously collect information of all visitors. Things such as the time of your visit, the date you visited and the URL of the requested page. With this information we are able to better assist the users of our website by monitoring this process and the performance of our site. From time to time, we also use third parties to assist us with the analysis of this information we collect.

The use of cookies is at times used to collect and gather this information anonymously. The definition of a cookie is small text file that stores information in your browser or web enabled device. These cookies are used to compliment your user experience by remembering certain preferences.

What Information Do You Collect?

When working with you as a customer, we collect the following information:

Your business name, address and phone numbers
Your business services or goods listings
Photographs of your business, products or services
Credit card information to process your payments

What is the purpose of collecting such information?

This information is collected on your behalf to create your one page website, filled with your business goods and service details, along with your best methods to be contacted. Your custom one page website, is designed to assist you reinforce your market place branding and your visibility in the search engine Google.

We gather this information also, to create your Google page one advertising schedule. When people are searching the Google search engine, your Google advertisement will put you up there before your competitors who may be lost on the second page or beyond. So the information we collect is designed to give you the best possible exposure for your desired keywords and your business zone.

We do not pass on your information to any third parties for research, sales or any other promotional purposes.

Ways We Gather Your Information

We collect your information securely over the phone from your or your business colleagues, when we are signing you up to our services. We may also collect information via email, fax or social media.

Last modified date: 5/2/2016