Why Surf Training and Surfing Exercises Massively Improve Surfing Performance

Creating a surfing app requires a certain amount of skill combined with risk and physical demands and those demands have increased exponentially over the last decade. It is now almost impossible to reach certain levels of performance without specific surfing training that develops a surfer’s body for extreme movements that are now routinely performed in the surf.

At any beach on any given day the level of surfing is mind boggling compared to only five or ten years ago. The repertoires of surfing maneuvers considered normal today were once thought impossible and place tremendous forces throughout the surfer’s body, much more so than in the past. This means that injury prevention combined with athletic surfing training is required for long-term consistent surfing improvements.

Twenty years ago it was about taking off and pulling into the barrel combined with great power surfing, an extremely athletic demand in itself. While this remains a huge part of surfing, surfers today are also being towed into outer reefs and testing their skill, strength and courage tackling massive waves that only a few years ago were thought impossible to ride. The nature of these waves requires better full body strength, lung capacity, timing and reflex skills combined with flexibility and making decisions under pressure. All these elements can be improved and enhanced with surfing training and specific surfing exercises or workouts. If you wish to ride bigger waves then reach that goal faster by strengthening your body with specific surfing workouts and surf training secrets.

Meanwhile surfers growing up around the world at local beaches are naturally inclined to boost airs, invert their bodies, attempt kick flips, and spin across steep wave sections in the air. These types of extreme feats often associated with skate and snowboarding means better timing, co-ordination, and stronger surfing bodies. Couple this with exceptional balance and a higher likelihood of injuries means the entire surfing game is ramped up so that surf conditioning, surfing training and surfing workouts are required to keep surfers bodies in good shape for the extra demands now deemed ‘normal’ out in the surf.

If you want to continually improve you can’t just do it in the surf or train on your own. There are laws of specificity when it comes to surf training and surfing exercises that dictate what surfing workouts will benefit a surfer and what may hinder them. It is very easy to lift weights or go running and think this is the best way to improve your strength and fitness for surfing. Unfortunately this very often leads to a slower athlete with muscular imbalances and limits surfing performance. Often surfers reach a certain level of development as a surfer and never seem to progress, this is often because they do not have the correct knowledge how to train their body to adapt to the increased demands of their sport.

The complexity of surfing movements today put far more demand on the joints, muscles and nervous system of a surfer’s body. This increased stress along with the speed of movements performed in critical sections of waves means surfers must be much more athletically trained to continually perform in the water. By following surf-training secrets that professional trainers use with their athletes and incorporating full body awareness that challenges the entire body specific for surfing, surfers are massively benefiting from surf training and surfing exercises.

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